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Whether you're simply looking to keep in contact with your friends driving through the Kruger Park, or you need a complex multi-site communications network for a gold mine in the Congo, LA Radio has the experience and expertise to provide the perfect solution. From conventional, Airband and PTT Two Way radios. LA Radio is your one stop Two - Way Radio supplier for all communication needs. Holding ourselves to a high standard of customer satisfaction, our team is always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy any client needs, as well as specializing in after sale services including 24/7 back up support, advice, repairs and maintenance. With a motivated team of specialists and technicians, each day is seized with the mindset of keeping our loyal and potential customers happy and well informed.

LA Radio is a proudly South African and certified Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor.

The benefits of Two Way radios in Security use

Handheld and Mobile two-way radios are essential tools and great allies for security and guard patrolling services.

Instant and effective communication within a security organisation or company is vital to the success of providing leading services and responses in an industry where every second counts and can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful operation.

Two – Way radios enable security teams or guards to relay information quickly and at the push of a button, allowing the immediate activation of a safety alert for all staff that might find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Members of the security industry rely on Two – Way radios to communicate with their work force. This form of communication allows members to share concerns, request back up, send call outs and identify threats as soon as they become apparent.

What are the advantages that Two-way radios provide?

In the security industry, you never know when a situation might escalate to the point you need reinforcements. Without effective communication, you may be forced to face this situation alone! With Stable and effective communication, the push of a button or even a lack of communication on the radio, provides your control room with the info they need to assist .

Unlike Mobile phones, there’s no need to make a call and wait for someone to answer. A push of a button is all it takes, and anyone within your team is able to reply and assist you.

A cell phone device needs mobile coverage to be able to connect and communicate with another mobile device. Two-way radios on the same frequency and within their radius of operation will be connected no matter what! This is a huge advantage for larger security companies especially those that operate outdoors.

Anyone within the Security industry can vouch for the importance of Two – Way radios and the benefits that they provide on a daily basis.

Two – Way radios in distribution centres

There’s a large variety of Two – Way radios that distribution centres can make use of allowing workers to communicate quickly and efficiently. An example of how a Two – Way radio can assist workers in a large distribution centre is should a member of the workforce require items that are stored in a high up racked area, with a push of a button contact can be made with a fork truck driver to assist. This increases efficiency and productivity within warehouses and distribution centres.

L.A Radio’s selection of Two - way radios also allow for instant communication between managers and floor staff as part of a warehouse communication solution. In a larger centre, workers have a great increase in safety, knowing that they are able to contact someone who is not nearby should there be an accident. This helps in fulfilling an employer’s responsibility to care towards staff wellbeing.

Heavy duty and high performance Two – way radios are ideal as they offer the best distribution centre communication solutions. Brands such as Motorola and Kenwood offer affordable and reliable options. These radios can withstand demanding conditions of the floor environment, unlike most wireless telephone systems.

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