Two Way Radio

What is a Two Way Radio?

A two way radio is a radio that can do both transmit and receive a signal (a transceiver), unlike a broadcast receiver which only receives content. A two way radio (transceiver) allows the operator to have a conversation with other similar radios operating on the same radio frequency (channel). Two way radios are available in mobile, stationary base and hand-held portable configurations. Hand-held radios are often called walkie-talkies, handie-talkies, or just hand-helds.
Two way radio systems usually operate in a half-duplex mode; that is, the operator can talk, or he can listen, but not at the same time. A push-to-talk or Press To Transmit button activates the transmitter; when it is released the receiver is active. Full-duplex is generally achieved by the use of two different frequencies or by frequency-sharing methods to carry the two directions of the conversation simultaneously. Methods for mitigating the self-interference caused by simultaneous same-frequency transmission and reception include using two antennas, or dynamic solid-state filters.
Benefits of Two Way Radios
Gone are the days when using two way radios were meant exclusively for the police and military personnel. Breaking the shackle from being the special privilege of the police and the defence forces, they are now within the reach of common man. Be it a family shopping in a mall together or two friends enjoying a road trip separately, these radios provide them with wireless connectivity and help them trace each other. 

Two way radios is a simple way of staying connected wirelessly. Though they cover only a limited area, the cost-effective quality of the two way radio keeps them far above the other means of communication. The best thing about two way radios is that there is no per minute call charge. This means that you will not need to pay any network provider for the time you talk on the radio. Once you a buy a set, it will keep on giving you service. 
Another benefit of two way radios is that they are very easy to use. Generally, they come with a 'push to talk button'. In order to initiate a talk, you can simply press on that button and you will be through the line.. 

Coverage area of two way radios depends upon the set itself. If you want higher coverage, you have to go for high powered two way radios. This type of radios may be a little expensive. An average two way radio generally covers something between three to five miles.
Tips for using Two Way Radios
Scattered trees and bushes are mostly transparent or "translucent" to two way radio signals. So even in forested or hilly territory, two way radios generally do a fair to good job of transmitting short-range signals. However, several factors can inhibit two way radio performances: 
To optimize the range, make sure you achieve a good line of sight between you and the other two way radio operator. You will increase your ability to increase your range as you increase the elevation of your position. Attaining a high point above an otherwise flat area can be a huge benefit toward optimizing your radio’s maximum range.

The human body can also block radio waves. You may boost reception of incoming signals if you attach a radio to a section of your pack that remains away from your body instead of clipping it to your belt.

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