Two Way Radio Phonetic Alphabet

Learn the lingo

It helps two way radio communication when everyone understands and uses similar language and etiquette, especially when there are more than two people using the channel.  

The phonetic alphabet

It’s often necessary to clarify an important part of your message by spelling it out – literally. On two way radios, the common protocol to spell out critical words is to use NATO’s phonetic alphabet.

 A - Alpha  J - Juliet  S - Sierra
 B - Bravo  K - Kilo  T - Tango
 C - Charlie  L - Lima  U - Uniform
 D - Delta  M - Mike  V - Victor
 E - Echo  N - November  W - Whiskey
 F - Foxtrot  O - Oscar  X - X-ray
 G - Golf  P - Papa  Y - Yankee
 H - Hotel  Q - Quebec  Z - Zulu
 I - India  R - Romeo

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