Keeping Production in motion with a specialized communication network

Whether your business is a food processing facility or a number of automotive part manufacturers, Two – Way Radios provide a solution that not only improves performance but also increases employee safety and runs operations smoothly.

Radio communication has remained an important tool in the process of manufacturing. Even though recent technology has changed the way we communicate, rather than replacing Two – way radios, these advances have made it even more reliable, with durable designs, and greater audio quality.

Use of Two – Way Radios

There’s virtually no area in the manufacturing process where the use of two-way radios aren’t able to improve output and productivity, by enabling an employees’ ability to work together and act on real-time information delivered through radios. Newer digital technology provides better coverage and clearer audio – this is essential for noisy environments, indoors and with the obstruction of loud machinery.

L.A Radio understands the needs of manufacturing and provides specialised communication networks specific to the industry and user. Factory floors are for the most part a loud and chaotic scene. That’s why the radios we offer to manufacturers have similar features as the radios used in construction and mining. Features such as noise-cancelling abilities and Intelligent Audio. Digital radios are capable of monitoring background noise and adjusting speaker volume. External speakers and noise cancelling headsets enable workers to interact with each other freely, while also protecting their hearing. An unreliable communication method or system can negatively impact employee safety and operating efficiency.

The Benefits of Two - Way Radios in The hospitality Industry

Two Way Radios have proven to be very popular within the hospitality industry. From Hotels, Lodges, restaurants/bars to theme parks! Two - Way radios provide a reliable and instant form of communication between all members of a workforce.

Today, customers are more informed than ever, and it’s become a necessity for the hospitality industry to provide outstanding and professional service. Therefore reliable communication is essential, as we know – effective communication equals Productivity.

Within Larger sectors of the hospitality industry such as hotels and lodges, two – way radios are used for a large variety of reasons. Reception is instantly able to communicate to other sectors such as Housekeeping or room service whether services are required by customers or even a change in tasks. Radios are also used between Porters and reception to make the logistics of customer luggage a streamlined service. In larger properties that have multiple areas of service such as restaurants and bars, instant communication is essential to the whole functionality of the Hotel/Lodge or Motel. Furthermore, Two Way Radio communications in hospitality are also used to enhance the safety and security of the venue.

An overview of Benefits of Two Way Radios in Hospitality

• Affordable and instant effective communication
• Improves guest relations and business Professionalism
• Inter department communication at the push of a button
• Improves site security and safety
• Discreet and simple accessories such as in earpieces

Preferred Two Way Radios for Hospitality

Features of Two Way Radios for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is constantly challenged with offering the best customer service to every customer, therefore discreet communications between all staff from reception to chefs is needed.

Security and safety is a need within all industries. But security and safety in hospitality varies between staff and guests. Most Two – Way radios have built in security features such as GPS, Panic Buttons and Lone worker capabilities, ensuring safety to all those within the workforce.

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