Two Way Radio - Pandemic Workplace Communication

During this uncertain time in our workplaces, two-way radio communications can be critical for effective and safe daily operations. 

The current COVID-19 crisis has our hospitals and healthcare workers stretched to the limit to meet the increased demand for patient care. 

Most healthcare facilities have their main focus on efficiency, productivity and secure operations. Two-way radios offer improved real-time communications among staff members within medical facilities. Radios provide a reliable experience with patients and visitors to have a fast response from health care workers.  Medical staff, security staff and other support staff can also use two way radios as an efficient way to communicate within their departments while maintaining CDC recommended social distancing guidelines. 

Consider calling your trusted radio experts at Two Way Radio Gear; we are open and ready to serve healthcare facilities large and small. With one of our heavy duty two-way radios, emergency incidents will be responded to in a flash. If workers are able to communicate, they will have the correct information, limiting the possibilities of worst case scenarios. Two-way radios are critical for a safe and secure environment, considering the increased level of screening being conducted at all hospitals. Emergency preparedness communications can be conducted with Motorola two-way radios across any size coverage area. 

One of our featured products during this crisis is the Motorola DLR series radios. Immediate patient attention requires multiple interactions and coordination among doctors, nurses and technicians, as well as administrative staff and cleaning services. Effective, clear and discrete communications play a critical role in patient care activities and an overall healthcare experience. With its sleek and lightweight design it allows medical staff to easily wear the radio on their belt,  uniform or in pockets, making it very convenient to carry at all times. The radio’s easy operation and friendly voice prompts allow new staff members to pick up a radio and start communicating right away. With Motorola radios, all hospital staff can rely on clear communications across the different floors and maintain crystal clear audio up to a range coverage of 300K sq ft /  20 floors. The radio’s tough polycarbonate housing, contains built-in antimicrobial materials that inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold on radio surfaces making it ideal for healthcare applications

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