Logistics Industries & Two-Way Radio Uses

The benefits of Two – Way Radios in Logistics!

Changes in cargo at the last minute, unscheduled deliveries/pick-ups, or unexpected delays. Your company is dependent on delivering to your customer at the right scheduled time.

Fleet efficiency to improve business competitive

In logistics, workforce connectivity is essential to meeting deadlines and protecting employees while in transit. So how do you achieve a high level of safety and productivity? Two – Way Radio communication is designed to provide instant, clear and reliable communication making fleet management as easy as possible with little room for error, no matter where in the country you’re operating. An efficient communication system can even lower operation costs as well as improve customer relations.

Effective Two-Way Radio Communications

Using Two – Way communication ensures reliable and easy-to-use digital/analogue/GSM communication technology and in turn provides clarity throughout a designated area or even Nationwide! With an effective Two – Way communication system, the head office of a logistics company can contact a single Truck/Vehicle, multiple trucks/vehicles, or an entire fleet of vehicles but simply selecting a channel and pushing a single button. Drivers are also able to communicate with each other, which in turn allows them to make contact with another vehicle and share useful information such as roadblocks, highway closure or even vehicle breakdowns where a mechanic is needed.

*Efficient communication Creates Profitability*

GPS Tracking for better fleet management

L A Radio – Two way radio supplier, boasts a large variety of Two – Way radios that have built in GPS functions, it’s a no brainer to realise that in Logistics, GPS capability is essential to maintain a high standard of service and efficiency. Knowing where your fleet is at all times, not only creates a sense of stability in your business but also ensures that schedules are met and products/services are delivered on time and in the highest manner of profession.

Some Logistic companies may have a GPS tracker already installed in their vehicles but still communicate through cell phone, so old fashioned… Now imagine a Two Way Radio equipped with GPS Function, Communication at the push of a button that connects your WHOLE workforce on a single communication channel. No need to play broken telephone passing critical info from one to another.

Most efficient Radios in Logistics

SIM/2G/3G/4G PTT Two – Way radios

PTT Radios operate using existing cell phone networks, which connects each radio to the main operations head office; these radios have the ability to communicate Nationwide with extreme ease of use! When purchasing PTT Radios, the buyer receives computer software upon purchase that allows for Vehicle tracking and driver communication some examples are –

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