About LA Radio

For more than 2 decades. LA Radio has been a market leader within the TwoWay Radio industry in South Africa/Sub-Saharan regions, offering full turnkey Two - Way Communications solutions to the public/private sector.
From design, development, supply and maintenance LA radio has built loyal and long lasting relationships with many large scale clients. By being able to give support and communication solutions over a large variety of different brands and devices this has allowed us to cater to the needs and requirements of any industry, from mining to manufacturing.
LA Radio notably services retail groups, the above ground/underground mining and recource sector, agriculture from farming to distribution, military systems development and support, television broadcasting, private/public security and the large tourism industry. LA Radio continues to find and develop new relationships while focusing on long term growth within the telecommunication industry. As a company, we can boast that we have the most amazing client base which continues through our dedication to after sales support and timely response rate.

Connor Long

Connor is the youngest member of L.A Radio, but, his eagerness to learn and drive to deliver has seen him grow as a fundamental member of the LA Radio t...

Matthew Skey

Matthew is one of the best known characters of the South African two way radio industry.
He started working for Motorola in 1975 and might still be working for them if political pressure had not forced Motorola to disinvest from South Africa in the 80s.
Matthew's wealth of experience has been gained throughout his journey with the radio industry, from the days of crystal controlled radios and pagers through to synthesised radios, and now into digital radio systems.
Matthew's key client for many years now is Sasol Synthetic Fuels who maintain a very complex TETRA digital trunked system, arguably the most complex privately owned radio system in Africa.


Dion is the technical side of the team.
He is  a qualified radio technician and has been in the radio industry since the early 90s.
He has developed a range of helmet mounted headsets for several of our motor racing clients.
Dion looks after most of LA Radio's security industry clients and several South African mines. Dion is able to create and maintain complex radio systems such as TETRA  used by large companies to maintain two-way communication in any terrain