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LA Radio cc was established in September 1999 by the three existing members, Matthew Skey, and Dion Kenneth Long. The company employs five full-time staff members, and one part-time employee. We also use several reliable sub-contractors for larger projects.

We have sold and/or installed two way radio systems in over 30 African countries, notably South Africa, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Zambia, Uganda, Lesotho, Nigeria, Ghana, and Gabon.


                                            Matthew is one of the best                                             known characters of the                                             South African two way  radio                                             industry. He started working                                             for Motorola in 1975 and might still be  working for them if political pressure had not forced Motorola to disinvest from South Africa in the 80s. Matthew's wealth of experience has been gained throughout his journey with the radio industry, from the days of crystal controlled radios and pagers through to synthesised radios, and now into digital radio systems. Matthew's key client for several years now is Sasol Synthetic Fuels in Secunda who maintain a very complex TETRA digital trunked system, arguably the most complex privately owned radio system in Africa.


                                             Dion is the technical side of                                              the team.He is  a qualified                                              radio technician and has                                              been in the radio industry                                              since the early 90s. He has developed a range of  helmet mounted headsets for several of our motor racing clients. Dion looks after most of LA Radio's security industry clients and several South African mines.